Perspectus is an established firm with proven results. Project teams are built based upon the unique characteristics of the assignment. We take pride in our high level of communication, follow-through and exceptional leadership. Introducing new concepts and understanding how to evaluate the project based upon the client’s specific needs are critical to being an effective architect.

Philosophy“Quality” is the distinguishing attribute which makes a project superior and stand out from the rest. Quality is also based on our team’s ability to listen and to manage the project. Key ingredients are design, budget and schedule, however, once the foundation is established, it is a matter of depth of experience, hard work and accountability.

Regardless of its size, each project is treated with importance. Our design approach is one in which all are involved in a team effort aimed at professional service. Perspectus also provides the technical support network and integrated services necessary to incorporate emerging trends and technology.

Our primary role is to provide seamless coordination of all team members, internally and externally, to address complex issues and successfully accomplish each project. We apply our experience, organizational skills and design skills to achieve success. Our ongoing partnerships with multiple engineering firms and specialty consultants help maintain a smooth workflow.

Design Skills & Services

Perspectus Architecture’s professional team delivers comprehensive design services:

Architectural Design

Master Planning, Programming and Feasibility Studies

Project Implementation

Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Administration and Construction Documentation

Project Management

Code Research, JCAHO Statement of Conditions and Community Relations

Additional Services

Interior Design, Sustainable Design, Cost Estimating, Engineering Design, Project Planning and Management, Rendering and Model Building, Site and Feasibility Studies and Technology Integration

Interior Architecture & Design

PhilosophyPerspectus has an in-house interior architecture studio which offers planning and design services. Our commitment to integrating interior design and architectural studios as one enhances the design and comprehensive solutions we bring to our clients.

Our senior level interior design team has the proven ability to translate the client’s vision into the built environment by designing solutions that respond to the unique needs of each project. We have extensive experience leading the development of design solutions, combined with programming and managing large scale furniture packages for clients in all sectors.

Sustainable Design

USGBCPerspectus has demonstrated a strong commitment to sustainable design and strives to apply new, environmentally responsive innovations in all our work. By promoting a whole-building approach to sustainability, Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) recognizes performance in project planning, sustainable site development, water savings, energy efficiency, materials selection, indoor environmental quality, innovative strategies, and attention to regional priority issues.

With an in-house team of LEED Accredited Professionals, our commitment is reflected in how we plan and design buildings that contribute to their context; that are of enduring quality and style; that provide healthy, inspiring and functional spaces for their occupants; and that use minimal energy and materials resources.

Perspectus is proud to have worked on many LEED-certified projects, with other projects targeting certification on the boards and in construction.

The U.S. Coast Guard Cleveland Boat Maintenance Annex/Moorings was awarded a 2014 “Best of Building” Award in the category of Best Project Design for LEED BD+C by U.S. Green Building Council members.

Building Information Modeling

Perspectus Architecture is committed to maintaining the most current software and technology in building design. Our commitment to transitioning from Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) to Building Information Modeling (BIM) by engaging Revit, a BIM software program, is critical to maintaining the best people and providing the highest quality service.

Building Information Modeling is the process for creating and maintaining an integrated collaborative database of information. Perspectus focuses on the design and construction of a building, with the purpose of improving collaboration between stakeholders, reducing the time needed for documentation of the project and producing more predictable project outcomes.

BIM further assists the construction team by allowing them to extract quantities and properties of materials and permits the isolation of building systems to avoid construction conflicts before they become an issue in the field. Perspectus is using Revit for all of our construction documents in office.