Historic Architecture

Historical Architecture


Established in 1963 as Chambers and Chambers Architects, AIA Ohio Gold Medal Firm Chambers, Murphy & Burge merged with Perspectus in 2016. Today, Perspectus Historic Architecture, Chambers, Murphy & Burge Studio, provides architectural services focusing on historical architecture, preservation and adaptive reuse.

Elizabeth Corbin Murphy, FAIA, an AIA Ohio Gold Medal Architect, and Lauren Pinney Burge, AIA managed the Historic Architecture practice since 1993, upholding the high standards of the founders, the late Henry and Lorraine Chambers. Highly regarded in their field, Elizabeth Murphy and Lauren Burge are frequent speakers at national conferences on historic preservation topics.

The studio continues to practice from its downtown Akron office as well as Perspectus Architecture’s Cleveland office at Shaker Square.

The team provides consultation to property owners and developers on detailed preservation and rehabilitation design and specifications for materials and methods. The architects and conservation specialists are familiar with 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings and provide focused specifications to address uncommon situations.

Additionally, the availability of tax credits has augmented interest in the rehabilitation of historic structures, and we’re one of the leading firms in Ohio working with State and Federal tax credits.

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