When Bronson Healthcare outgrew their current lab environs and were constrained from expanding in place, its existing clinical laboratory needed to be relocated to a new, larger facility across the street. The off-campus location better accommodates an expanded service line and allows for more efficient vehicular access. The new 50,700-squarefoot facility will serve the existing Bronson Hospital, and going forward will serve as the primary clinical lab for Bronson’s expanding healthcare network.

Bronson Healthcare

The clinical laboratory will maximize efficiency, prioritizing high volume and stat tests. The incorporation of expanded automation for the core lab and new automation for microbiology place connections close to incoming specimen drop points. The departments are arranged radially around the central accessioning functions.

Modular casework and chase walls create an environment that can be modified to accommodate future equipment and new processes. The layout emphasizes open sight lines and consolidated circulation to minimize travel distances and maximize communication.

The project is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2020.