Our 2019 Summer Intern Reflects on Experience at Perspectus Architecture

Perspectus Architecture’s 2019 Summer Intern, Robbie

August 2019 – Summer is drawing to a close and so is Robbie’s time as our summer intern. But before he returns to Kent State University, we asked him a few questions on his experience he had as an intern here at Perspectus.

What were your responsibilities?

I was responsible for the graphical plans used in various AIA and related submissions, including AIA Ohio Design Awards, AIA Akron Design Awards, SHPO Preservation Awards, and the EFA Remodel and Renovation Award.

I worked with our marketing team to deliver graphics for a marketing booklet associated to our Mansfield Art Center project.

I completed construction documents for two of our GSA projects.

I got to be part of the design team for the new Southwest General Health Center Endoscopy Renovation and Expansion project by attending meetings with the user groups and contractor and working on the design itself.

I was responsible for the existing field measurements for our Summa Health Geriatric Impatient Floor Renovation project.

I have also been able to help develop physical models for the Summa parking garage façade and another VA project.

What was your day-to-day like?

My day-to-day consisted of working with one or multiple design teams on various projects (the ones I listed in the previous question). I would come in and check for emails or instructions from within or outside the office. I would then work on my tasked assignments which could include working independently or with a group. I generally would work with our marketing team, design director, or government projects team. However, I did get the chance to work with a couple other teams as well. My day consisted of asking a lot of questions and being as collaborative as I could, asking for guidance, advice, or opinions.  

What was your favorite part of the experience?

My favorite part of the experience was getting the opportunity to work with our South West Endoscopy Renovation team as I got a chance to provide input on the design direction of a project, as well as the opportunity to get a thorough understanding of the design process. Specifically attending meetings and understanding the relationship between the “Architect” and the client and contractor. Also including evaluating existing conditions and working with a team to make design decisions.

What did you value most in your experience?

I learned a lot about this profession in my experience here, and all the little details and key points will be appreciated now and in the future. But the best thing I got out of this experience was being able to confidently know I am going to love being an architect in the future. The scariest thing about choosing your career is knowing whether you are going to be happy doing it for a long time. This experience has shown me how right I was in picking this career path. I have had a great opportunity to understand how working in an architecture firm is and I couldn’t be more grateful to know that I made the right choice for myself.  

What was the funniest moment you experienced here?

The funniest moment was staging photos for the CDC East Project. It was a great time of enjoying the new space and joking around with the acting. Specifically, Bernard role playing as a patient.

Describe your summer experience in 3 words or short phrases.

Exciting. Tea. Confidence.