Perspectus Architecture is a full-service architectural practice founded in 2001 with an emphasis in healthcare design. Our areas of focus have expanded to include academic, senior living, government, retail and clubs & recreation. Serving clients across the eastern United States, we pride ourselves on leadership, communication and reliability.

ProfileWith offices in Cleveland and Akron, Perspectus is proud to call the vibrant, historic Cleveland neighborhood of Shaker Square home to its headquarters office.

In 2014, Perspectus Architecture merged with HFP/Ambuske Architects, a well-respected Northeast Ohio-based healthcare design firm. The team members from each firm have successfully collaborated to bring the best talent to each project.

Akron-based Chambers Murphy & Burge Historical Architecture has provided architectural services – preservation, rehabilitation, restoration and reconstruction – for more than 50 years. In 2016, the firm merged with Perspectus Architecture. Established in 1963 as Chambers and Chambers Architects, Chambers, Murphy & Burge is now operating as a Studio of Perspectus Architecture. The team provides consultation to property owners and developers on detailed preservation and rehabilitation design and specifications for materials and methods. The architects and conservation specialists are familiar with 18th, 19th and 20th century buildings and provide focused specifications to address uncommon situations.

Perspectus has been recognized nationally as an award-winning design firm noted for business excellence. Our architects are registered to practice architecture in Ohio, plus 30 other states.


Perspectus is an established firm with proven results. Project teams are built based upon the unique characteristics of the assignment. We take pride in our high level of communication, follow-through and exceptional leadership. Introducing new concepts and understanding how to evaluate the project based upon the client’s specific needs are critical to being an effective architect.

Philosophy“Quality” is the distinguishing attribute which makes a project superior and stand out from the rest. Quality is also based on our team’s ability to listen and to manage the project. Key ingredients are design, budget and schedule, however, once the foundation is established, it is a matter of depth of experience, hard work and accountability.

Regardless of its size, each project is treated with importance. Our design approach is one in which all are involved in a team effort aimed at professional service. Perspectus also provides the technical support network and integrated services necessary to incorporate emerging trends and technology.

Our primary role is to provide seamless coordination of all team members, internally and externally, to address complex issues and successfully accomplish each project. We apply our experience, organizational skills and design skills to achieve success. Our ongoing partnerships with multiple engineering firms and specialty consultants help maintain a smooth workflow.